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SociAloha - To Aloha Kanaka and Malama Aina.

Mālama ‘Āina
Kānaka and ʻāina are interconnected, what impacts one impacts the other, we must mālama (care for) both to be pono (balanced) so that all may thrive



Soci is the abbreviation of Social. Social refers to how people act and interact with one another. Aloha refers to loving and caring for one another. While Pono refers to a state of balance and harmony.

In the Hawaiian context, Kānaka (the people) and ʻĀina (the environment and all creatures in it) are inseparably connected and interdependent one upon the other. In addition, Pono is achieved when Kānaka and ʻĀina are balanced and in harmony with ke Akua (the divine).

ke Akua
The divine
(Inspiration and guidance from the divine and ancestors)


The people, all people

The environment

and all creatures in it

SociAloha is a holistic Aloha, People, and Environment centric way of thinking and doing things. Where all Social, Economic, and Political policies, programs and decisions are made and implemented with Aloha, predicated by what is in the best interest of the People and Environment, as inspired by ke Akua . 


When measuring progress, growth and success, SociAloha takes into  consideration and weighs very heavily, the health and happiness of the people, the viability and sustainability of the environment, and whether concerns, actions, and results are balanced and in harmony (pono). Progress and growth are not simply based on economic gain, development, or status. 

SociAloha is a term and ideology created and promoted by the Kānaka Party. It is a home grown ideology that will not only benefit Hawaiʻi, but if embraced and practiced, may positively impact the entire World. 

For Kanaka and Aina
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