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Kamehameha Statute on Oahu.

I mua, e nā pōkii, e inu i ka wai ‘awaawa

Move forward, be commited, regardless of the difficulties


We, the members of the Kānaka Party, grateful for divine guidance and the teachings of our kūpuna, reaffirm our belief in a government of the People, by the People and for the People. We Aloha all People; Mālama the ʻĀina and all Creatures; Demand Government Accountability and Transparency; Advocate for Hoʻoponopono regarding the Overthrow of the Kingdom of Hawaiʻi; and we Recognize ke Akua (the divine).

We celebrate and embrace diversity of gender, age, race, ethnicity, culture, national origin, creed, range of physical abilities, financial means, education, and political perspectives. We believe Aloha is our greatest hope and strength for Hawaiʻi, the Nation, and the World! We are committed to work within the U.S. political system to bring about needed change, from the inside out, that will benefit the people and future generations of Hawaiʻi. We believe that together, we can do all things.

We envision a Hawaiʻi of the future where its people are healthy and strong physically, mentally, and spiritually; its air clean, waters pure and reservoirs minimally tapped; its forests lush and verdant; its people conscious of the dangers of excessive “development” and consumerism; understanding the need for a diversified economy and a focus on sustainability; where people nurture a Hawaiʻi as a place for regeneration, healing, spirituality and co-existence with nature; where the Native Hawaiian culture is recognized and respected; where the wrongs of the past towards the Native Hawaiian Nation and people have been reconciled and the Native Hawaiian people and culture are vibrant, thriving and setting an example for every other ethnic group in Hawaiʻi.

We envision a Hawaiʻi with a thriving people-focused and environment-friendly economy and a participative political system. A vibrant home grown aloha, people and environment centric ideology; a new and brighter social, economic, and political way of thinking and doing things called SociAloha. Featuring a new emphasis on how to measure progress, growth and success, not simply by more tax revenue, tourism, highways, and urban/commercial development. But, by what truly matters to the people, such as being healthy and being happy. This would include home ownership, jobs that provide for our families, being able to continue to live in Hawaiʻi if that is our choice, and having a good quality of life.
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