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With a People drawn to its shores from around the globe, we believe in a Hawai‘i that can be a model and inspiration for the entire world, of what a diversified and multi-cultural society can be and do.  We believe it is our multifaceted ethnic perspectives, differences, and beliefs, that gives Hawai‘i its depth, richness, and strength to allow us to be inclusive, and to pull together towards common goals.  We believe there is nothing we cannot do and accomplish, if we work together!


We believe in a Hawai‘i with greater economic security and opportunity, an economy built to last and built from the ground up.  A strong and vibrant economy driven by education, energy, innovation, infrastructure, and tax incentives that will help create jobs.  We believe in deficit reduction by cutting out programs we can't afford and by shrinking government where it has grown fat and ineffective.  We believe in restoring to everyone who works hard and plays by the rules the opportunity to find a job that pays the bills, turn an idea into a profitable business, care for the family, afford home ownership, and health care that can be counted on. We believe in giving our children the kind of education that will allow them to dream even bigger and go even further than we ever imagined, and we want our People to be able to retire with dignity and respect in Hawai‘i.  Yes, we must focus on our economy, the defining issue of our time, and address Hawai‘i’s high cost of living (highest in the U.S.) that drives down our quality of life (worst relative wages in the U.S.).  

Many of the problems we face today are the result of poor governance over many decades.  We know that changing the system and status quo will not be easy and will take time and effort.  But, we must press forward towards a brighter day for ourselves, our children, and the future generations of Hawai‘i.  We know we can do this if we all work together towards Ke Ao Hau - A New Dawn.

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