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Koa Forest

ʻIke aku, ʻike mai, kōkua aku kōkua mai; pela iho la ka nohana ʻohana

Let us care for one another and work together as family


As an organization, we embrace the culture of ʻohana, to care for one another and work together with aloha and respect as family. Like a wise and respected kupuna, we celebrate and promote leadership traits such as: accountability, adaptability, confidence, creativity, empathy, focus, positivity, stability, flexibility and team-building. ʻOhana leaders will lead by example and promote growth, well-being, and the empowerment of all members of the ʻohana. This positive and nurturing style of leadership promotes a cycle of positive service and performance as well as creativity, self-regulation, and consensus decision making. Under a culture of ʻohana, leaders rise only as they uplift those under and around them.

As an organization, we embrace the metaphor of a living organism. A koa forest is beautiful and infinitely more complex than a collection of trees. It is a community of living organisms, interacting and interdependent on each other as a system. A system that is responsive, evolving, and self-regulating. In an organizational context, the Kānaka Party may be viewed as a koa forest, a dynamic, complex, living system. The perspective, of a living organism, as opposed to managing and controlling an organization (machine), requires care, trust, respect, collaboration, and commitment. Like sun and rain to a forest, we understand that Aloha is the substance that will nurture and strengthen us. That to be successful, we must have a holistic view, not as a collection of individuals or parts, that what impacts one impacts all. That like a vibrant koa forest, we are greater then the sum of our parts and that we must adapt and evolve amidst a constantly changing environment, to remain viable and relevant.  
Stewardship is an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources for the benefit of others. We believe we have the kuleana (responsibility) to work as pono stewards in the establishment and development of the Kānaka Party, in the belief, faith, and hope, that it will benefit others. 

We are committed to move forward as ʻohana, like a koa forest, to grow, nurture, and steward, the Kānaka Party, into something beautiful, strong, and beneficial, for the people of Hawaiʻi.
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