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Mālama ʻĀinaʻĀina Momona
Care for the land and the land will care for us in abundance 


Mālama ʻĀina
We will be pono stewards of the environment and all creatures. We understand the symbiotic relationship between kānaka and ʻāina, and that ʻāina has mana, spirit, and intrinsic value beyond its economic value. We also understand that some ʻāina needs special attention and protection because of its sacred nature. That kānaka and ʻāina are inseparably connected and interdependent, one upon the other. When we take care of the ʻāina the ʻāina will take care of us in abundance.
The ʻāina is much more then soil, water, and air, it is a living entity. The ʻāina sustains kānaka and is sustained by kānaka and culture. In this sense the ʻāina is our kūpuna and ʻohana. We must steward the ʻāina in a manner that is respectful and pono (balanced), that will maximize benefits to kānaka, while ensuring sustainability and viability of the ʻāina today and for future generations. 
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