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January 30, 2021*

A racially-diverse group (Hawaiian, Japanese, Haole, Filipino, and Maori) from Moku o Keawe, commit to create a new political party to benefit the people of Hawaiʻi. The founding members include: Barbara (Bobbi) Anne Cuttance, Gloria ʻAlohiwailani Ishibashi, Herbert (Pua) Pualiʻialoha Ishibashi, Jr., Ana (Nawahine) Nawahine-Kahoʻopiʻi, Ariel (Ipolani) D. T. Murphy, and Stephen (Kaleopono) Sheffield Norris. The founding  members understand the monumental task ahead of them, but are inspired by the words of Queen Liliʻuokalani, “Never cease to act because you fear you may fail.”
February 13, 2021*
Founding members decide to name the new political organization Hui Kānaka Kālaiʻāina (People’s Political Organization) with Pua Ishibashi as President. It was also decided that the trade name of the organization will be Kānaka Party (Peoples Party). 
March 3, 2021*
Founding members establish the Kānaka Party as a Hawaiʻi non-profit organization. The domain name is also secured at this time.
April 15, 2021
Founding members facilitate the first official meeting of the Kānaka Party naming its inaugural Board of Directors as:
  • Gloria Ishibashi 
  • Pua Ishibashi (Chair)
  • Ipolani Murphy 
  • Kaleopono Norris 

The newly formed Board then names the inaugural corporate officers as:
  • Pua Ishibashi - President/CEO
  • Ipolani Murphy - VP 
  • Kaleopono Norris - Treasurer
  • Gloria Ishibashi - Secretary
At this time the Board also adopts its Constitution and Bylaws.
May 18, 2021*
The Board of Directors names the inaugural Kānaka Party Executive Committee as:
  • Pua Ishibashi - Chair
  • Ipolani Murphy - 1st Vice Chair
  • Nalani Silva-Pablo - 2nd Vice Chair
  • Kaleopono Norris - Secretary
  • Gloria Ishibashi - Treasurer
May 19, 2021*
Board of Directors approves Nalani Silva-Pablo as the newest member of the Board, i.e., 
  • Gloria Ishibashi 
  • Pua Ishibashi 
  • Ipolani Murphy 
  • Kaleopono Norris 
  • Nalani Silva-Pablo 
June 6, 2021*
Kānaka Party launches page on Facebook -
July 2021 - Over 5,000 members
Goal of 10, 0000 members by the end of 2023
Goal of 28,000 (2% of State population) by the end of 2024
June 27, 2021
Officers of the Kānaka Party approve the amendment of Articles of Incorporation to transition the organization to a IRS 527 tax-exempt Political Organization (Adopted by Hawaii DCCA on July 12, 2021).
July 20, 2021*
Kānaka Party launches website on World Wide Web as 
August 27, 2021*
Kānaka Party launches "Donation" page on site. 
September 10, 2021*
Kānaka Party launches PO Box 1104 Hilo. 
September 15, 2021*
Kānaka Party launches email 
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