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‘Ike aku, ‘ike mai. Kōkua aku, kōkua mai. Pēlā ka nohona ‘ohana
Watch, observe. Help others and accept help. That is the family way.


In a political world of misinformation, division, hostility, and corruption, the Kānaka Party represents a better and brighter way of thinking and doing things, a light in a political sea of darkness.

The Kānaka Party promotes a holistic, aloha, people and environment centric ideology. Where decisions are made with aloha, predicated on what is in the best interest of the people and environment. Where progress, growth and success, are measured by the health and happiness of the people and the viability and sustainability of the environment, and not simply on economic gain, development, or prestige. 

Establishing and growing a new political party takes time, energy, and money. Though we have a fantastic team of dedicated volunteers, we cannot do this without your financial support.  

With your donation, you will receive regular updates on our progress. We want you to know the impact your donations are making.

100% of your donation will go towards establishing and growing the Kānaka Party, no one is payed or compensated in the KP. 

As a nonprofit political organization, we are not able to generate the funds needed to be sustainable. Our only revenue source are our branded products (store), such as t-shirts. As such, like all political parties, we must depend on the financial contributions of our supporters.

We are currently at our critical start-up phase and need to generate $5,000 to launch and grow the
Kānaka Party.



We invite you make a donation
and invest in the Kanaka Party
for ourselves and future generations.

(click button below)

Contribution Rules:​

  • I am at least eighteen years old.

  • I am making this contribution with my own funds.

  • I am not making this contribution on behalf of, a corporation, labor organization, national bank, federal contractor, for any other federally impermissible source.

  • I understand that my contribution is not deductible for federal income tax purposes.

If you prefer to contribute via personal check, please make check payable to
"Kanaka Party" and send to:
Kanaka Party
PO Box 1104
Hilo, Hawaii 96720


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